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Dr. Courtney’s mission is to provide healing and health that comes from her heart through her hands. Whether you’re an athlete, are working through chronic pain, have an injury or are simply interested in a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic care provides many benefits. Health in Hands Family Chiropractic is a growing practice dedicated to personalized care and an outcome of healing.

Your body is talking to you, are you listening? Dr. Courtney strives to bring health, love, passion and life to more people through the power of chiropractic adjustment. With thorough analysis and a deep connection to human anatomy, you and DrC can achieve a deeper level of health and wellness, naturally. We offer a complete approach to chiropractic care. Patients receive treatment in the most thorough and effective manner possible.

Dr. Courtney Pray Anderson


Dr. Courtney Pray Anderson, DC is a trained primary health care provider. She received her Doctorate in Chiropractic Science and a B.S. in Biology, from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2012. Prior to that she received her B.S. in Zoology from North Dakota State University in 2007.

In Spring 2012, she practiced in Christchurch, South Island New Zealand. There she learned advanced muscle and chiropractic techniques from one of the country’s renowned chiropractors. This extremely valuable experience differentiates Dr. C from the majority of chiropractors, bringing you techniques from around the world.

Dr. Courtney resides in Elk River with her husband Myke, son Mac & daughter Adelaide. Her favorite activities include: motherhood, family walks, singing, reading, painting, gardening, home improvement projects with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Courtney Anderson Health In Hands Chiropractic


Dr. Courtney is highly trained at identifying areas of dysfunction and at removing them through muscle work and chiropractic adjustment. Her practice is a nurturing environment that creates a true passion for wellness. Working with Dr. C, you will learn what she is fixing and why it needs it! You will begin to see, feel and hear the true passion she possesses for her job. Personalized attention and quality care from head to toe comes naturally for her —she loves what she does. A random burst of song or happy dance when a locked spinal segment causing chronic pain finally cooperates is common. You are one adjustment away from a better mood.

Her purpose is to offer a unique brand of Chiropractic care. Care that brings health through knowledge, developing a true appreciation and relationship with your spinal health. All of it achieved by the power of knowledge and passion for specific muscle work and the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. C treats all who enter the door with kindness and respect, instilling positive energy and faith in restoration of health, establishing the mind-body-soul connection—a true relationship.

Come and see how Dr. Courtney makes a true difference in her patients’ lives and how she can make your body function better!


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