Massage therapy is an integral component of Chiropractic care.   You see, muscles attach to bone.

Proper alignment of the structure that the muscles attach to aids in the healing of chronic pain and discomfort. Wellness care is recommended by DrC, which includes muscle work beyond the Chiropractic adjustment. 

George Rodafinos is a licensed massage therapist and an instructor, that moved to the US in 2014, from Greece. He has 31 years of expertise on challenging health problems, using his unique technique, the Functional Muscle Manipulation. George holds 6 diplomas from 4 different countries and is currently a student at Saint Paul College, working on his next massage therapy diploma. 




The FMM is an advanced neuro-muscular technique that goes deeper but without pain and has long term results. This happens by addressing the chronic autonomic contraction that is typically the source of muscle spasms and kinks.

When you say that you 'hold your tension in your shoulders' for example, you're expressing some awareness of that mechanism. With the FMM we show the body that it doesn't need to be constantly contracted or to react to function through life, and it can let go of it's decades-long fight.

George developed the FMM technique throughout his studies, combining knowledge obtained from around the world!  His work has been celebrated in Europe and he even got invited to S. Arabia to treat a Princess. 

Examples of problems that would benefit from his work: Chronic migraines, a carpal tunnel syndrome, a tight neck, a persistent back problem, sciatica, plantar fasciitis. A musician with a neuropathy from chronic wrong use, an athlete with repetitive injuries, a hair dresser or dentist with chronic upper back problems, an old injury that never completely heals. Or if you just want to relax and improve the use of your body.

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